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The Cooperized - April 2023
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X-ray of lungs SMART goals

Making Lung Health a Priority
Our lungs are the centerpiece of our respiratory system, and constantly hard at work. However, they're easily taken for granted. Blake Bolin, MD, FAAFP shares the importance of our organs and how to keep them healthy.

SMARTer Fitness Goals
Whether you're new to exercise or a longtime gymgoer, it's important to have fitness goals. Professional Fitness Trainer Aaron Feldman, MS, explains it's not just about the end result and why setting a SMART goal is a tried-and-true approach to achieving them.
Burrito Cooper Vitamins

How to Set SMART Goals
The SMART acronym serves as a guide to help establish goals that drive greater impact. Meridan Zerner, Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, discusses how to work SMARTer, not harder, to reach your nutrition and health goals.

Supplements for Headache and Migraine Relief
Affecting 13% of Americans, migraines can cause pain and discomfort so debilitating they bring your day to a sudden halt. Deficiencies in nutrients such as iron or magnesium are common causes of chronic headaches. Read how you may find relief.
Clock Living a Healthy 5-9 after Your 9-5
Investing in your health on a daily basis is crucial. When your workday ends, what healthy habits do you incorporate into your 5-9 p.m. routine? Try these five tips from Cooper to help unlock a happier, healthier tomorrow. Read the blog.
Skillet Burrito Skillet Burritos
Traditionally packed with high-fat ingredients, people often avoid burritos when on a healthy eating plan. This recipe provides simple modifications for a healthier Mexican meal your family will enjoy. Try the recipe.
Trainer doing exercise SMART Goal Exercises
Mary Edwards, MS, Fitness Director at Cooper Fitness Center, demonstrates three foundational strength training exercises to include in a SMART exercise plan. Performing these exercises consistently for just a few weeks can lead to visible changes and help you meet your fitness goals. Watch the video.

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