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Gut-Brain Health Connection
Learn how the brain and gut are connected and how "we are what we eat"—literally! Andrew Gottesman, MD, Cooper Clinic Gastroenterologist, shares how having a healthy gut positively affects your physical and mental health, even helping improve anxiety and depression.

Move Easier with Ground-Based Exercises
Is getting up off the floor or squatting down not as easy as it used to be? Carla Sottovia, PhD, with Cooper Fitness Center, shares how incorporating ground-based movements into your workouts can help you move throughout your day with ease.
woman struggling to sleep fruit and vegetables in bowls

Menopause Nutrition
The changes that come with menopause are inevitable. Learn how nutrition and other non-hormonal therapies can help alleviate common symptoms such as weight gain and hot flashes. Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Amber Grapevine discusses the topic.

A Natural Way to Help Reduce Cholesterol
Also referred to as phytosterols or stanol esters, plant sterols are natural compounds found in vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds. Learn how plant sterol supplements compete with cholesterol to help lower bad (LDL) cholesterol naturally.
Whats New
Women doing pilates Pilates and Its Benefits
In celebration of National Pilates Month, get to know our Cooper Fitness Center Pilates Trainers and learn how Pilates benefits your body in more ways than one. Read the blog.

Women doing water aerobics Cooper Tracks class What to Expect from Water Aerobics
A full-body, fun workout in the water! Cardio and strength training combined into one, water aerobics can help you reach your ultimate fitness goals at any age. Read more.
Garden Scrambled Eggs Garden Scrambled Eggs
Wake up to a garden-fresh breakfast. Make this your new breakfast staple with these quick and easy eggs packed with 15 grams of protein to start your day. Try the recipe.

Carla Sottovia - Ground-Based Movements Ground-Based Movements
Ground-based movements work various parts of the body including your feet, ankles, pelvis, hips and spine. This type of training helps maintain our bodies to a higher functional level as we age. Watch the video.

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