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Skin Cancer: Types and Risk
Enjoying time in the sun can be fun. But not taking proper precautions can lead to skin cancer. Rick Wilson, MD, FASDS, FABVLM, Cooper Clinic Director of Dermatology, shares how educating yourself against the disease is the best protection.

Exercising at Work
During busy weeks, exercise is often the first item cut from our daily to-do list. But with basic exercises you can do anywhere—including at work— that doesn't have to be the case. Professional Fitness Trainer Patrick Fisher explains.
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On-the-go Eating
Our hectic lives can make healthy eating a challenge. Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Emily Villaseca shares tips to help you achieve your nutrition goals even with on-the-go eating.

Reducing Statin Side Effects: Can Supplements Help?
Statins, cholesterol-lowering drugs, are credited with reducing heart attacks, but many people suffer from side effects. Adding a supplement to your diet may help you reap the benefits while reducing side effects.
Whats New
Cooper Complete Vitamins Renovations Begin at Cooper
With the changing of the seasons comes change at Cooper. Throughout the next nine months, Cooper Fitness Center will Get Cooperized™ alongside you, adding 6,000 square feet of cardio and strength training space and new courts for pickleball enthusiasts. Learn more.

Cooper Tracks class Cooper Tracks class Managing Disease with Cooper® Tracks
Exercise and lifestyle modification play important roles in disease prevention and management. That's where Cooper® Tracks comes in. This eight-week program provides participants guidance and support to help them begin exercising and manage their chronic conditions. Read the blog.
Citrus Garlic Chicken Citrus Garlic Chicken
Easy never tasted so good! This citrus garlic chicken is as fast to make as it is flavorful, making it the perfect weeknight dinner dish. Try the recipe.

personal trainer showing office exercise Office Exercises
During the day it's important to leave your office chair and get moving. Professional Fitness Trainer Angela Horner demonstrates exercises you can do from the comfort of your office. Watch the video.

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