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The Cooperized - April 2023
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Illustration of body showing areas of inflammation Person using foam roller on calf muscle

The Toll Chronic Inflammation Takes on The Body
Daily stress, processed foods, obesity—each of these can cause long-term inflammation. Cooper Aerobics Founder and Chairman Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, shares how low-grade chronic inflammation can trigger conditions from Alzheimer’s to Parkinsonism.

Foam Rollers and Other Effective Tools for Workout Recovery
Sore muscles go hand-in-hand with a good workout, right? What if there was a way to help reduce muscle soreness and tightness? Learn how to recover from your workouts with the help of tools such as foam rollers, trigger point balls and percussion therapy.
Breakfast with egg, toast and tomatoes Powder fiber supplement

Building a Balanced Breakfast
Eating breakfast is a healthy habit that kick-starts your metabolism and provides a boost of energy to begin your day. Cooper Clinic Nutrition discusses how to refuel your body with the right nutrients and shares quick and easy recipe ideas for a balanced breakfast.

Get the Skinny on Fiber
More than digestive health, fiber aids everything from weight management to heart health. Several types and sources of fiber are found in nutritional supplements. Get the facts and make sure you’re consuming the fiber you need to help your body function properly.
People running a race Marathon Training Tips for Beginners
Thinking about running a marathon, but unsure you have a good training program and the will power to push through? Cooper Fitness Center Cardiovascular Pro Jonny Wright shares training tips for first-time marathoners to ensure you are prepared for race day. Read the blog.
Salmon with vegetables Simple Salmon and Sauce
This oven-roasted salmon—marinated in Dijon mustard—is as simple as it gets! Enjoy flavorful, flaky salmon paired with a tangy, spicy sauce for your next weeknight meal. Try the recipe.
Trainer performing a squat on the Power Plate Pre-workout Exercises on the Power Plate®
The Power Plate® whole-body vibrating machine is a valuable tool to incorporate into your exercise routine. Daniel Montes, a Professional Fitness Trainer at Cooper Fitness Center, demonstrates three pre-workout exercises on the Power Plate he recommends to help warm up your body. Watch the video.

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