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Man having an eye exam Fitness technology

Five Common Eye Issues
It's easy to take good vision for granted. But eye conditions affect nearly 93 million Americans. Cooper Clinic Optometrist Waziha Samin, OD, FAAO, shares the five most common eye conditions, their risk factors and steps to take to prevent or delay progression.

Improving Fitness with Technology
Technology is a common tool many use in their everyday lives. But did you know numerous devices can help track and improve your fitness? Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Christian Mazur discusses the benefits of technology and new devices to consider.
<Mindful eating Kidney disease graphic

Mindful Eating: Ditching Diet Culture
Billions of dollars are spent on diets each year. But before you take the next step and dive into a trendy diet, consider these tips from Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Meridan Zerner.

Kidney Disease Support
Your kidneys play a key role in ensuring your urinary system is functioning properly—removing excess water, toxins and waste from the bloodstream. Read which supplements may help you receive the nutrients you need.
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Dr. Gottesman, Gastroenterologist Gastroenterology at Cooper Clinic
In addition to a comprehensive preventive exam, Cooper Clinic offers specialty services, including preventive gastroenterology to screen for colon cancer. Led by Andrew Gottesman, MD, Cooper Clinic Gastroenterology exceeds the national standard of polyp detection by 27%. Learn more.


Dr. Cooper reading woman recieving facial Dr. Cooper's Continued Vision
Cooper Aerobics Founder and Chairman Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, has been a pioneer in the health and wellness industry for more than 50 years. Now, at the age of 92, Dr. Cooper shares how he continues to bring his vision to fruition and what a typical day in his life looks like. Read the blog.
Kathy's Tapenade Kathy's Tapenade
You won't be able to get enough of this simple recipe—just combine, stir and serve. Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Kathy Duran-Thal provides the perfect appetizer for gatherings any time of year. Try the recipe.

personal trainer demonstrating how to put on HR monitor Technology for Fitness
A wide variety of technology exists today to improve your fitness. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Shawn Smith shares how technology can benefit your workouts and help you achieve your fitness goals. Watch the video.

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