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Woman having thyroid checked Man stretching with trainer

The Thyroid: Small but Mighty
A small, butterfly-shaped gland located in your neck, the thyroid affects virtually every cell, tissue and organ in the body. Cooper Clinic Preventive Medicine Physician Carolyn Terry, MD, discusses the importance of your thyroid and why it should be checked regularly. 

Improving Movements to Maximize Results
Over time, muscles can become weak due to injury, loss of motion and the aging process. Robert Treece, Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer, shares how specific techniques can help you move better to achieve your fitness goals. 
Gluten-free sign Pill box organizer

The Gluten Basics
Gluten-free is a commonly used phrase you may have heard but you may not be aware of its unique properties. Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Gillian White, RDN, LD, CNSC, discusses the basics of gluten and if you should avoid it.


Best Supplements for Health
Setting health and wellness goals often includes everything from exercising more, eating healthier and taking the right supplements for you. Read how to achieve the 8 Steps to Get Cooperized™ in the new year, developed by Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH.
Whats New
Sleep Medicine for Adults at Cooper Clinic Introducing Sleep Medicine
Sleep is essential to improving the quality and quantity of life and reducing health risks. From snoring to sleepwalking to sleepiness throughout the day, Sonya Merrill, MD, PhD, FACP, provides comprehensive evaluation and management of sleep disorders for adults at Cooper Clinic. Learn more.


Pickleball woman recieving facial The Rise of Pickleball
Racquet sports have been around for centuries and now, a not-so-new game is taking the world by storm with shorter courts and lower nets called pickleball! Learn about the history of the sport and the growing popularity of the game. Read the blog.
Lemon Tahini Salad Dressing Lemon Tahini Salad Dressing
Creamy and lemony dressing with a bite. This tahini dressing is versatile and can be paired with your favorite salad or even used as a dip for vegetables. Try the recipe.

personal trainer performing Muscle Activation Techniques Using MAT to Address Muscle Weaknesses
Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT) is a system designed to identify weaknesses from one side of the body to the other. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Robert Treece demonstrates how MAT sessions can help improve muscle strength, flexibility and stability. Watch the video.

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