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Starting your wellness journey Woman practicing balance

Prioritizing Your Health Practically
Your health is your responsibility but making healthy lifestyle changes to improve the quality and quantity of life can be overwhelming at times. Cooper Clinic Platinum Preventive Medicine Physician Riva Rahl, MD, shares a list of healthy habits to incrementally improve overall health. 

Better Balance at Any Age
Balance is the foundation to moving well—especially as we age. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Paul Mossa shares the balance and coordination relationship and why strength training is key to improving daily movements.

Mood boosting foods Probiotic infographic

Foods to Improve Your Well-Being
You may know what you put on your plate can nourish your body, but did you know certain foods can also boost your mental health? Read about your "second brain"—the gut—and how giving some thought to what you eat can improve your mood.

Probiotic Benefits Beyond Gut Health
Among adults, probiotics or prebiotics are the third most commonly used dietary supplement, besides vitamins and minerals. In addition to supporting gut function and aiding in digestion, probiotics also support immune health, help reduce migraines and more.

Nut butters in jars Nut Butters: Which is Best?
Nuts are full of nutrition and with a plethora of nut butter options on grocery store shelves, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your favorite! Read about nut butters and their nutritional values. Read the blog.
Avocado toast Quick Avocado Toast
Do you struggle to find time for breakfast in the morning? Try this Quick Avocado Toast for a quick and easy breakfast or snack—low in calories and high in fiber. Try the recipe.
Trainer demonstrating balance exercises. Testing and Improving Your Balance
Building strength is essential for improving balance. Watch Professional Fitness Trainer Angela Horner demonstrate how to test your balance and improve it through strength training. Watch the video.

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