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The Healthiest You in 2022
Take your health into your own hands. Founder and Chairman of Cooper Aerobics Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, shares research and recommendations for fitness, supplementation and stress management in 2022.

Overtraining Your Core
Doing endless crunches and planks and still not seeing results? Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainers Tonya Gutch, MS, and Chris Parker, MS, explain the most common mistakes and helpful tips when it comes to overtraining your core.
salmon filet with seasoning omega 3 pills in heart dish

Fish Prep 101
Reel in the benefits of eating more fish by cooking it at home. Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Kathy Duran-Thal, RDN, LD, provides helpful tips for buying, storing and preparing fish.

Comparing Omega-3 Products
Most Americans don't consume enough seafood to meet their daily omega-3 intake requirements. Learn how to compare omega-3 products on the market to help bridge nutritional gaps in your diet.
utensils with santa hat Healthy Holiday Alternatives
It can be easy to allow healthy habits to fall by the wayside while celebrating the most wonderful time of year. Cooper Clinic registered dietitian nutritionists share practical ways to make your holidays merry and healthy this year. Read the blog.
cinnamon mulling spice drink in mug Cinnamon Mulling Spices Beverage
Drink up the holiday cheer. Pour a cup of this festive beverage with notes of cranberry, cinnamon and mulling spices. Try the recipe.
trainer doing core anti rotation exercise Stabilize with a Strong Core
Cooper Fitness Center Professional Trainer Chris Parker, MS, demonstrates three progressions of a core anti-rotational exercise to help strengthen and stabilize your core. Watch the video.

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