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woman checking smart watch on wrist woman squatting with barbell

Wearable Technology is Here to Stay
Wearable devices track a wide variety of health information. Cooper Clinic Cardiologist Nina Radford, MD, expounds on the purpose and practicality of these technologies.


Purpose and Perks of Compound Moves
Maximize your calorie burn and add more diversity to your workouts. Cooper Fitness Center Director of Fitness Education Carla Sottovia, PhD, shares the benefits of compound exercise movements.

glass of sparkling water omega-3 capsules on pink background

Hydration Variation
Hydration is key especially in the summer months. Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Mary Montgomery, MS, RDN, LD, identifies a selection of waters for optimal mental and physical health.


Omega-3 and Inflammation
Benefiting the body and mind. Cooper Aerobics Founder and Chairman Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, shares his findings on the correlation between omega-3 and chronic inflammation and its anti-inflammatory benefits.

salad and pastry with tape measure Weight Loss Customized for You
When it comes to your weight loss journey, you shouldn't have to compromise credible resources for results. Cooper Weight Loss Team Lead Lizzy Mungioli, RDN, LD, from Cooper Clinic compares the most popular weight loss programs to help you differentiate between a gimmick and a gem. Read the blog.
pineapple strawberry angel food cake Pineapple Strawberry Angel Food Cake
A slice of heaven. This simple two-ingredient angel food cake is the perfect low-fat sweet treat topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Try the recipe.
trainer doing pushup on incline Turn Up the Heat with 4 Compound Moves
Cooper Fitness Center Director of Fitness Education Carla Sottovia, PhD, demonstrates four compound exercises to maximize your workout and calorie burn. Watch the video.

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