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acne on woman's face man working out with kettlebell

Dermatologist Acne Prevention Tips
Acne can make an unwelcome appearance in your adult years due to a number of factors. Cooper Clinic Dermatologist Kejal Shah, MD, FAAD, shares how to prevent breakouts.


Strength Circuits to Rev Up Metabolism
Looking to burn more calories both during and after exercise? Cooper Fitness Center Director of Fitness Mary Edwards, MS, shares how you can challenge your body metabolically for greater results.

man with tape measure around waist woman depressed on couch

Metabolism Boosters and Busters
Your metabolism is uniquely yours—regulated by your nervous system and hormones. Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Cynthanne Duryea, RDN, LD, discusses practical lifestyle choices to help boost your metabolism.


Top 9 Supplements to Combat Depression
Depression can be triggered by life's many ups and downs. But did you know it could also be a result of vitamin and mineral deficiencies? Discover how daily supplementation may help alleviate symptoms of depression.

Whats New
Dr. Kenneth Cooper headshot and Decision Magazine logo Aerobics Pioneer Directed By Faith
Influenced by faith and based on prevention. Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper will be featured bi-monthly in Decision Magazine throughout 2021 sharing faithful inspiration and medical insight on timely topics. Read his most recent article.
bent leg with physical therapist woman recieving facial MAT® at Cooper Spa
Reaching one’s full fitness potential begins with reaching a full range of motion. Cooper Spa Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist Paige Cervantes outlines the benefits of MAT for anyone looking to move and feel better, regardless of age or fitness level. Read the blog.
tilapia piccata Tilapia Piccata
A seafood spin on a traditional Italian dish. Keep dinner lite and fresh with this easy entrée that can be prepared in just minutes. Try the recipe.
husband and wife personal trainer couple Metabolically Challenging Strength Circuit
Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainers and husband and wife duo Shannon and Mary Edwards demonstrate four moves to raise metabolism paired with a cardio blast for maximum calorie burn. Watch the video.

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