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doctor talking with patient man on exercise bike

FAQ: COVID-19 Edition
From vaccines to treatment options, there are many unknowns surrounding COVID-19. Cooper Clinic Platinum Physician Emily Hebert, MD, answers the most commonly asked COVID-19 questions she receives from patients.


Cardio-Focused HIIT Workouts
How can you maximize your potential by knowing your maximum heart rate? Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Debi Wilkins, MS, shares the benefits of a different take on high-intensity interval training workouts by emphasizing cardio.

dishing salad onto plate zinc bottle and supplements

10 Ways to Eat SMART
Break your nutrition goals into bite-sized successes. Cooper Clinic Director of Nutrition Ginny Ives shares her top 10 tips for sustainable healthy eating habits and long-term results.


The Zinc Link
Zinc has long been on researchers' radar in relieving the common cold—but could it possibly prevent and treat COVID-19? Cooper Clinic Cardiologist Nina Radford, MD, explains the ongoing studies on the benefits of zinc supplementation.

woman with smooth skin Smoother Skin for Spring
Get a jump-start on your spring skin with a new facial resurfacing treatment. Cooper Spa Manager Lisa Boyle explains how dermaplaning works and the radiant benefits of this safe procedure. Read the blog.
raspberry chocolate mousse Raspberry Chocolate Mousse
Treat your valentine with a luscious low-calorie dessert. This lighter take on chocolate mousse with a raspberry twist is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Try the recipe.
trainer doing mountain climbers Design Your Own Cardio HIIT Workout
Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Debi Wilkins, MS, demonstrates four moves and modifications to incorporate in your next cardio-focused HIIT workout. Watch the video.

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