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Physician-Recommended Supplements for Men
Cooper Clinic Preventive Medicine Physician Michael Clark, MD, recommends three top supplements to take daily. He also shares an "ah-ha!" moment from medical school regarding the purpose of these recommended supplements.

The Push and Pull of Balanced Strength Training
Would you like to increase your metabolism, reduce your chance of injury and improve your ability to perform daily functions? Then strength training is for you, especially if you are over the age of 50.
scoop of protein powder bowl of turmeric powder

Find Your Perfect Protein Partner
This month we continue the conversation about nutritional supplementation. Before choosing a protein powder, Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services recommends asking yourself five questions.

Turmeric: Hype or Help?
Discover the many benefits of turmeric beyond joint pain relief. Cooper Clinic Platinum Physician Riva Rahl, MD, discusses the hype around this powerful yellow supplement.


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walking shoes Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle: Step by Step
Is getting 10,000 steps per day evidence-based or purely motivational? Cooper Clinic Cardiologist Nina Radford, MD, shares the number and speed of steps needed for your healthiest outcome. Read the blog.
tomato feta salad Tomato Feta Salad
Looking for a refreshing summer side dish? Brighten up your backyard barbecue with fresh feta and flavors from the garden.
trainer doing pike on stability ball Push-Pull Strength Training Routine
Aim for a strength training routine that is metabolically challenging: one that builds muscle and increases heart rate. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Shannon Edwards, MS, gets down to the basics of push-pull strength training. Watch the video.

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