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Turn the Tables on Skin Cancer
Practically reduce your risk of skin cancer and possibly reverse the sun’s damaging effects. Cooper Clinic Preventive and Cosmetic Dermatologist Kejal R. Shah, MD, FAAD, shares steps to protect and renew your skin.

Too Hot to Handle
As temperatures rise in the summertime, so do the risks that come with exercising outdoors. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainers Tonya Gutch and Sam Laceky share their insights on how to effectively work out indoors this summer.
spoonfull of collagen protein vitamin D in heart shape bowl

Collagen: Protein Poser or Power House?
Feeling a little skeptical about the collagen protein trend? Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Gillian White looks at what science has to say about the role of collagen protein in health and beauty.

Power Up Your Immunity During COVID-19
Immunity is key to living a healthy life, especially in the case of COVID-19. Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper shares nine ways to build up your acute immunity including the benefits of vitamin D.
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telemedicine Virtual Nutrition and Wellness
Introducing Cooper® Total Health virtual nutrition and wellness. Work one-on-one with a Cooper Clinic registered dietitian nutritionist virtually to develop a healthy eating program tailored for you. Track your food, health progress and achievement on your computer or mobile device.
pedicure feet in slippers woman recieving facial At-Home Pedicure Tips
Show your feet some TLC. Cooper Spa Nail Team Supervisor Marcia Lopez shares her secrets to a spa-worthy pedicure at home with these simple tips. Read the blog.
tropical orange drink Sunrise Cooler
Enjoy a refreshingly cool and low calorie beverage which pairs perfectly with summer nights.
trainer foam rolling at home Indoor Workout Recovery
Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Tonya Gutch shows you how to stay cool and recover effectively from your indoor workouts this summer. Watch the video.

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