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The All-Natural Remedy for Depression
Exercise may be the best prescription for depression your doctor could recommend. Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper unpacks the impact that aerobic exercise has on lifestyle choices and its role in depression relief.

A Brighter Outlook with Exercise
Clear your mind by getting up and getting active. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainers discuss how exercise gives you a brighter outlook on life and share their favorite types of activities to combat depression.
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How Food Affects Your Mood
Did you know what you're eating may be giving you the blues? Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services recommends filling your plate with foods to combat inflammation and depression.

Sleep on These Supplements
Getting a good night’s rest can be hard work. Whether it's stress, travel or sleep disorders that have you tossing and turning, these supplements have been proven to help you catch some quality zzz's.

North Texas Giving Day
Support The Cooper Institute’s continued efforts to promote life-long health and wellness worldwide through research and education on North Texas Giving Day, Thursday, Sept. 19. Help them reach their goal of $15,000 and donate!

trainer doing resistance band exercise MLC: Extend Your Functional Years
Move.Laugh.Connect. is a new course offering curriculum based on extending your functional years. By helping improve overall physical and mental health and fitness, there's no question that prevention is the heart of this program. Read the blog.
apricots on chicken Sweet Apricot Chicken
Put a sweet and savory twist on a dinner classic. Apricots and rosemary take chicken on a weeknight to a whole new level of deliciousness.
trainer with workout equipment HIIT Mood Booster Workout
Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Stephanie Hill shows you how to move to improve your mood with an at-home HIIT workout. Watch the video.

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