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Improve your Health with Leisure Activities
Did you know that leisure activities have the potential to add years to your life? Nina Radford, MD, Cooper Clinic Cardiologist and Director of Clinical Research, shares why not all leisure activities are created equal.

Take a Swing at these Golf Training Tips
Non-traditional forms of exercise, such as golf, can be the ideal balance of physical fitness and an enjoyable hobby. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer David H. Wiliams shares how to play your best on the golf course.
dairy products on table close up of spinal bone

A Dietitian's Daily Priority
Life's demands and surprises can make it challenging to keep our health on the top of our to-do list. Learn how Cooper Clinic's team of registered dietitian nutritionists prioritize their health with tried-and-true tips for overall wellness.

Supplements that Strengthen
From birth to your early 30s, you build bone density. After that, bone density begins to decline. Emily Hebert, MD, Cooper Clinic Platinum Physician, explains how to keep your bones strong and healthy with supplements and exercise.

Wellness Worth a Woman's Time
Worth magazine highlights Cooper Clinic in the top seven executive wellness programs for women. Today, top hospitals and physicians are addressing female executives' unique screening and health needs. Read the article.

trainer doing resistance band exercise Take Time to Care for You Now
Director of the Female Focus program, Colette Cole, celebrates 13 years of empowering women to improve their health through education and fitness. Female Focus has equipped hundreds of women through small group training sessions, nutrition talks and fitness assessments. Read the blog.
grilled pineapple and mint Grilled Pineapple with Fresh Mint & Frozen Yogurt
Cool off at your next cookout with this refreshing summer dessert grilled to perfection.
trainer squatting with dumbbell Keep Your Golf Game Young
Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer David H. Williams demonstrates exercises to strengthen key muscles needed to keep your golf game young. Watch the video.

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