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doctor screening woman's shoulder for skin cancer woman working out with dumbbells

The Story Behind the Stats
Since 2009, Cooper Clinic Dermatology has detected more than 2,000 skin cancers. Thorough screenings are the Cooper advantage. What appropriate precautions are you taking to screen for skin cancers?

Lean in and Tone Up
Find yourself shying away from weight lifting at the gym? Building lean muscle benefits far more than just your muscles. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Patrick Fisher explains the advantages of developing lean muscle mass.
dairy products on table man's eye

The Dairy Debate
The controversies around full-, low- and non-fat milk products can leave you avoiding dairy altogether. Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Cynthanne Duryea gets to the bottom of the dairy debate clarifying the relationship between saturated fat and calorie intake.

Don't Lose Sight of Eye Health
Research proves carrots aren't the only thing good for your eyes. While nutrition certainly plays a factor in maintaining proper eye health, lutein, zeaxanthin and vitamins C and E are a sight for sore eyes when it comes to maintaining proper vision and eye health.

The Supplement That Has Us Seeing Red
Due to its cholesterol-lowering properties, Red Yeast Rice is all the rage. This little red supplement not only improves cholesterol levels but also supports blood circulation and blood vessel functions to help maintain a healthy, happy heart. Buy yours today.

sunscreen on woman's shoulderPreserve Your Summer Glow
The sun is out and summer fun is in full swing. In this blog, Cooper Clinic Dermatologist Kejal Shah, MD, FAAD, provides tips to protect and prevent sun damage to keep your skin glowing long after summer is over.
spinach salad with fruitStrawberry Grapefruit Spinach Salad
Add a splash of flavor to any meal with this simple, nutritious salad — perfect for cooling down hot summer nights.
trainer squatting with dumbbell Slowing Down to Build Up Lean Muscle
Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Chris Parker demonstrates upper and lower body exercises to build lean muscle faster with slower repetitions. Watch the video.

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