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Eat. Move. Transform.
Cooper Weight Loss is a long term weight loss program. Dr. Emily Hebert discusses her role in supervising CWL and the benefits offering participants one-on-one attention from registered dietitian nutritionists at Cooper Clinic and insight from a licensed psychologist.

Stretch. Hydrate. Repeat.
No matter the intensity of your workouts, recovery is key. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Angela Horner shares her post-workout recovery while discussing the importance of stretching and refueling your body properly after exercise.
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Eat Right, Live Right, Feel Right
Cooper Clinic registered dietitian nutritionists share what 2019’s National Nutrition Month theme of "Eat Right, Live Right, Feel Right" means to them. Check out how our nutrition team puts this theme into practice in their everyday lives.

Nutritional Deficiencies in Diets
Popular diets may produce fast results or be recommended for medical conditions, but they also cause nutritional deficiencies. Supplementing your individualized eating plan with the right vitamins and minerals closes the gap in nutrients you may be lacking to help you achieve optimal health.

Extend Your Functional Years
Move.Laugh.Connect. (MLC) is a balanced program for older adults with limited mobility and stability, helping preserve functionality and embracing humor. Directed by Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Carla Sottovia, PhD, this program is available to members with additional training provided for others to teach in their community.

Myzone heart rate monitor and appCatching the Cauliflower Craze
Mix up your menus by swapping starches with nutrient-packed cauliflower. In this blog post, Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Elana Paddock shares delicious alternatives to your favorite indulgences using cauliflower such as pizza, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. Read the blog.
Sunrise Oatmeal RecipePost-Workout Recovery Vanilla Banana-Gram Smoothie
Packed with the perfect ingredients for refueling, even your hardest workout is no match for this post-workout recovery smoothie recipe provided by Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Meridan Zerner.
woman stretching Post-Workout Cool Down Routine
Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Angela Horner demonstrates helpful upper and lower body post-workout stretches. Watch the video.

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