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Heart health Woman lifting a kettlebell

Simply, Safely Measure Your Cardiovascular Fitness
Dr. Kenneth Cooper was the first physician in Dallas to use the groundbreaking treadmill test as a way to determine cardiovascular fitness. Learn why the test is important and how it measures your overall fitness level.

Steady State or Bursts of Intensity?
Training intensities are designed to achieve different fitness goals. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Carla Botelho Sottovia explains the advantages of low and high intensity workouts and how to select the right training program for you.
Plated salmon filet on asparagus Omega-3 Study

Fish Facts for Heart Health
There’s nothing fishy about the benefits of eating seafood. Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services expounds on the importance of fish being a part of a balanced diet and how to include the recommended servings in your menus this week.

VITAL Benefits of Omega-3
Taking the right amounts of omega-3 can protect your heart. Read important viewpoints regarding omega-3 from Cooper Clinic. The VITAL study announced in November 2018 was missing vital information of this newsworthy clinical trial.

Genetic Testing Now Available for Cooper Clinic Patients
Find out your risk of inherited cancers, cardiovascular conditions and other disorders from a simple DNA blood test. Download the Genetic Testing flyer to learn more about the new service available to Cooper Clinic patients.

Myzone heart rate monitor and appNever Skip a Beat in Your Workouts
Heart rate tracking helps gauge performance improvement, calculate appropriate calorie expenditure and catch signs of overtraining and sickness early on. Fitness Director and Professional Fitness Trainer at Cooper Fitness Center Mary Edwards, MS, walks you through the everyday uses of a heart rate tracker. Read the blog.
Sunrise Oatmeal RecipeSunrise Oatmeal with Mixed Fruit and Nuts
Kickstart your day with a warm, heart-healthy breakfast of Sunrise Oatmeal with Mixed Fruit and Nuts. Enjoy the perfect balance of sweet and hearty that’s sure to crush cravings and reduce your risk of heart disease.
High-Intensity and Low-Intensity Exercise Move The Highs and Lows of Push and Pull Exercises
Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer James Silvester demonstrates low and high intensity variations of push and pull exercises. Watch the video.

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