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Small Steps to Achieve Big Goals
Regardless of your goal—to get in shape, lose weight, eat healthier, etc.—Dr. Michael Chapman discusses the benefits of setting smaller, shorter-term goals to motivate you to succeed.

Rev Up Metabolism, Burn Fat in Less Time
An effective workout doesn’t have to be lengthy. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainers discuss why brief workouts are best and how you can perform a circuit in less than an hour.

Kitchen Gadgets that Make Eating Healthy Easy
Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services helps you make healthy eating a habit by using three small appliances—Instant Pot, Air Fryer and Uber Appliance. Use technology to your advantage and spend less time in the kitchen.

Vital Information about a Recent Vitamin D and Omega-3 Trial
Don’t throw away your vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acid supplements too soon. Results of the VITAL (Vitamin D and Omega-3 Trial) study announced in November 2018 were missing some vital information of this newsworthy clinical trial.

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Be inspired to live a longer, healthier life. From workouts to nutrition tips to managing stress and more, like each of our stories @cooperaerobics. Learn how to prevent disease before it starts from Drs. Tyler and Kenneth Cooper. Follow us on Instagram today!

Gluten-Free MuffinsGluten-Free Baking Basics and Blender Muffin Recipe
Gluten-free eating made easier with tips from Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Gillian White. She discusses gluten-free ingredients and avoiding cross-contamination when baking, plus provides an easy and delicious Breezy Blender Muffin recipe. Read the blog.
Spinach Lasagna RecipeSpinach Lasagna
Craving a hearty, warm meal? Enjoy this lighter lasagna recipe with spinach for the filling and an extra serving of veggies. This meatless meal will fully satsify.
Four-Move Bodyweight Workout Exercise Move Four-Move Bodyweight Workout
Short on time to exercise? This quick and efficient bodyweight workout is ideal. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Melissa Stansell demonstrates four exercises you can perform in the gym or at home. Watch the video.

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