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Are Politics Stressing You Out?
Election season may be over, but that doesn't mean stress caused by the political climate has disappeared. Cooper Clinic's Michele Kettles, MD, MSPH, provides ways you can stay politically informed without becoming overwhelmed.

Workouts in the Palm of your Hand
Fitness apps have become extremely popular for those looking for new, challenging fitness routines they can do no matter their location. With so many apps available, how do you know which one is best for you? Professional Fitness Trainer Patrick Fisher shares the top three apps he uses to stay fit.

Is Fasting a Healthy Habit?
Following a restricted eating pattern has become popular for people looking to lose weight and improve their health. Is fasting sustainable? Cooper Clinic's Lizzy McCrary, RDN, LD, discusses the pros and cons of the diet trend that could be doing you more harm than good.

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper Shares Supplement Recommendations
Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper credits exercise and a healthy diet for his health and longevity. Yet, even the Father of Aerobics can come up short. That’s why he follows a strict daily supplement regimen. Here, he reveals what supplements he relies on to stay healthy.

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Congratulations to a legend! Cooper Aerobics Founder and Chairman Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper received the Lifetime Achievement Award at
D CEO Magazine's Excellence in Healthcare Awards on Nov. 29. Read more about how he got to where he is today and his plans for the future of preventive medicine.

Spring Skin Blog Wintery Family Fun
Temperatures are dropping, but that doesn't mean your family has to go into hibernation mode. Get moving this holiday season with these family-friendly activities! You'll not only burn calories, but create memories to last a lifetime. Read the blog.
St. Patrick's Day Greens Blog 100-Calorie Chocolate Espresso Tartlets
Indulge this holiday season with our quick and easy Chocolate Espresso Tartlets. Pair with decaf coffee or spiced cider for the perfect after-dinner treat. At just 100 calories, you won't have to say no to dessert.
Jungle Gym Fitness Exercise Move Six-Move At-Home Holiday Circuit
Too busy to make it to the fitness center this holiday season? Don't sweat! Or, do when you follow this six-move circuit. Grab your resistence bands and follow this 25-minute minimal-equipment routine, perfect for an at-home workout. Watch the video.

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