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Prevention and Safety When Traveling Abroad
Is your family traveling abroad this summer? Visiting a foreign country can be exciting and educational, but also dangerous if you're not prepared. Michele Kettles, MD, MSPH, offers safety tips and a checklist of items you'll want to pack before embarking on your journey abroad.

Get Stretching For Optimal Flexibility
You might not be able to move as easily as you did in your younger years, but that doesn't mean you should stop working to improve your flexibility. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Louie Herrera explains how to increase flexibility and restore your range of motion.

Men's Optimal Nutrition Through The Decades
As you age, your nutritional needs can change. The plant-based protein you passed on in your 30s could play a pivitol role in protecting against certain cancers in your 50s. In honor of Men's Health Month, Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services shares nutrition tips for men in all decades of life.

Top Supplements For Men
Research shows American men have a 60 percent higher mortality rate compared to women. While there's no magic pill when it comes to longevity, certain supplements, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, can help prevent disease among men. The benefits of four supplements are discussed here.

Dr. Tyler Cooper Featured on Dallas PBS TV Show
Cooper Aerobics President and CEO Dr. Tyler Cooper appeared on KERA's "CEO" show earlier this month. In the segment, Dr. Tyler Cooper discusses how it feels to continue his family's legacy of preventive medicine. He also shares insight into how you can improve both the quality and quantity of your life. Watch the full episode.
Spring Skin Blog Pilates For Every'Body'
Bars? Straps? Devices you can hang from? If you've never tried Pilates, the exercise form can seem a bit intimidating. In reality, Pilates can be beneficial for everyone, no matter your level of fitness. Cooper Fitness Center Pilates Instructor Sarah Paxton discusses how Pilates can help you get stronger and more fit, making everyday tasks easier. Read the blog.
St. Patrick's Day Greens Blog Sweet, Savory and Spicy Kiwi Salsa
Searching for a filling appetizer that won't weigh you down this summer? Look no further than this Sweet, Savory and Spicy Kiwi Salsa recipe. The sweetness of the kiwi paired with the kick of jalapeno is the perfect combination that will have you saying, "more please!"
Jungle Gym Fitness Exercise Move Three Moves to Help Improve Flexibility
Increased flexibility can help you move easier and without injury. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Adam Meadows showcases two stretches and one mobility movement designed to improve your range of motion. Watch the video.

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