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Could Bacteria Play A Role In Colon Cancer?
The human body contains approximately 39 trillion bacterial cells. New research shows certain strains could play a role in the development of colon cancer. Cooper Clinic Gastroenterology Director Abram Eisenstein, MD, discusses what the research means for the detection and prevention of colon cancer.

The Benefits of Active Aging
Just because you're getting older doesn't mean you have to quit exercising. In fact, staying active as you age can help keep your mind sharp and body strong. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Lisa Hanley discusses how incorporating motion, balance and power into your workouts can help you stay strong at any age.

Go Further With Food
About one-third of the food produced for human consumption worldwide is lost or wasted every year. Do you shop with a grocery list or plan in mind? March is "National Nutrition Month" and the Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services team discusses how with some planning, you can help not only reduce food waste, but save money on your grocery bill.

Supplements For Optimal Nutrition
When it comes to optimal nutrition, Cooper Clinic recommends a food-first philosophy. Sometimes, we need a little help. Cooper Clinic Nutrition Director Katherine Nashatker poses four questions to ask yourself to determine if you’re getting enough nutrients through your diet alone and if not, what supplements might be best for you.

Millie Cooper Honored At Go Red Luncheon
Mrs. Millie Cooper was honored as a heart survivor at the American Heart Association’s Dallas Go Red Luncheon in February. She also appeared on FOX4's Good Day Dallas and WFAA’s Good Morning Texas segments with Go Red keynote speaker and celebrity, Leeza Gibbons. Click here to watch the segment.

Spring Skin Blog The Madness Of March Basketball
Every March, college basketball fans from across the country gather around the television to see if their team has what it takes to be crowned champions. Cooper Fitness Center Basketball Pro and former NCAA coach, Coleman Crawford, discusses why going to the “Big Dance” can be thrilling and create magic and madness for everyone. Read the blog.
St. Patrick's Day Greens Blog Strawberry Grapefruit Spinach Salad
Refreshing spring air is all around us and that means it's time to fill your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables. Take a trip to you local farmer's market and use fresh spinach, strawberries and grapefruit to whip up this healthy and flavorful salad.
Jungle Gym Fitness Exercise Move Exercises For Active, Aging Bodies
Incorporating motion, balance and power into your workouts can help keep you strong at any age. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Angela Horner showcases several exercises to help train your body to move stronger and more efficiently in your daily life. Watch the video.

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