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Defining Sedentary Behavior and Associated Health Risks
Building healthier habits can be challenging. Making smart food choices and dedicating yourself to exercise are great places to start, but another factor may be affecting your health just as much—sedentary behavior. Cooper Clinic cardiologist Nina Radford, MD, explains.

Benefits of Heart Rate Monitoring During Exercise
While you can easily track frequency and duration of exercise, determining the intensity of your workout is more challenging. This is where heart rate tracking comes into play and can indicate how hard you work during exercise. Learn how to incorporate heart rate tracking into your everyday workout routine.

How Sodium, Saturated Fat and Sugar Affect the Heart
Saturated fat, sugar and sodium are three major nutrients that, in excess, can be detrimental to the heart. Learn about their effects on the body and try tips from Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services to reduce them in favor of a more heart-healthy diet.

Research Shows Omega-3 Can Boost Heart Health
Omega-3 is a great heart-healthy choice for those who are healthy and those who have cardiovascular disease. Though it can positively impact the entire body, omega-3 has positive effects on the heart. Learn about how omega-3 can affect blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, diabetes and more.

Cooper and National Instruments Celebrate 15 Years Together
Cooper Wellness Strategies has been a proud partner of National Instruments (NI) for 15 years this month. For two years running, NI has been named one of the fittest large companies in Austin, Texas. See the infographic with results from NI's Fit Camp, one of many services offered through their Cooper on-site employee wellness program.

Newsletter bottomPass the Cheese, Please
Cheese can fit into a delicious eating plan and transform simple meals and dishes into culinary delights. The key is portion control and cheese selection. Read the blog.
Newsletter bottomHealthy Vegetable Quinoa Pilaf
This Quinoa Pilaf recipe is a heart-healthy, veggie-filled side dish perfect for lunch or dinner.
Newsletter bottomFull-Body Moves to Boost Heart Rate
Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Ryan Sheppard demonstrates full-body exercise moves to elevate your heart rate and add a new level of intensity to your next workout. Watch the video.

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