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Dr. Cooper's Tips for a Healthier New Year
Setting health-conscious New Year's resolutions is a popular practice, but keeping the resolutions can be challenging. Dr. Cooper offers his advice for focusing on health and wellness as a lifelong journey, not as a January-only to-do.

Put Your Best Fitness Foot Forward in 2017
Committing to exercise is a great step toward better health. Cooper Fitness Center Fitness Director Mary Edwards gives her top five tips for putting your best foot forward when it comes to getting into a workout routine in the new year.

Finding Healthy Inspiration from Blue Zones
We can learn lessons about how to live longer and healthier lives from the five Blue Zones located around the world. Learn about the nine common elements found in the communities of health-conscious and long-living individuals.

What Vitamins Do Cooper Clinic Physicians Take?
What do doctors, who spend the vast majority of their day considering and discussing optimal health, do personally to stay healthy? Cooper Clinic's Dr. Riva Rahl explains her own vitamin routine and her top supplement picks for patients.

Ask the Experts at Cooper Clinic
What would you like to ask the experts at Cooper Clinic? Our team is all about prevention and wants to hear your thoughts and questions as we kick off the new year. Let us know what you'd like to learn about and we’ll feature a Q&A with one of our physicians in an upcoming issue. Send us an email.

Newsletter bottomSelf-Defense as a Form of Prevention
When it comes to facing bullies and defending against the elements, self-defense is the number one form of prevention. Cooper Fitness Center Martial Arts Pro Mike Proctor explains the importance of learning self-defense at any age. Read the blog.
Newsletter bottomWarm and Flavorful Taco Soup
If you are in the mood for a healthy and delicious soup full of flavor, this quick and easy taco soup will hit the spot.
Newsletter bottomThree Moves to Get Started at the Gym
Cooper Fitness Center Fitness Director Mary Edwards demonstrates three moves to strengthen the legs and hips. Each can be modified for fitness level and intensity. Watch the video.

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