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August 4, 2015
Get Cooperized About Cooper Locations Health Tips
  Prevention Plus

Be Healthier in 30 Seconds or Less
Cooper Clinic's Dr. Riva Rahl lists 21 tasks that can each be completed in 30 seconds or less, but can form habits that last a lifetime.

  Fitness Files

Functional Movement: Your Fitness Base
Movement is the base of physical activity and can help keep you active and healthy as you age. Cooper Fitness Center's Carla Sottovia explains more.

  Nutrition Bites

The Scoop on Soy
Speculation often surrounds the health benefits of soy, so let's sort out the facts from the fiction.

  Vitamin Aisle

Supplements for High Cholesterol
Various supplements offer the benefit of battling and preventing high LDL cholesterol levels. Are you taking the right ones?

  What's New at Cooper

Upcoming Cooper Healthy Living Session: September 14-19
Jumpstart your health and wellness journey through a five-day Cooper Healthy Living session. Participants focus on weight loss, physical fitness, stress management and nutritional balance, and our results-oriented, fast-track program will help you achieve your health goals. Now through Dec. 31, save $450 when you register for a week-long session.

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Age is Just a Number

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper explains how growing older does not have to be accompanied by poor health. Age fast or age slow, it's up to you. Read blog.



Functional Movement Screening

Cooper Fitness Center Director of Fitness and Personal Trainer Education Carla Sottovia explains the importance of basic movement and how the screening process works.


Oat Bran Banana Raisin Muffins
by Cooper Clinic's Kathy Duran-Thal, RDN, LD

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