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July 21, 2015
Get Cooperized About Cooper Locations Health Tips
  Prevention Plus

Does Sitting Cause Cancer?
Multiple studies on the effects of a sedentary lifestyle point to a common theory - sitting can kill you. Abby Cox, Account Executive for Cooper Wellness Strategies, explains how to combat the negative effects of sitting while in the office.

  Fitness Files

Warming Up and Cooling Down 101
Is it totally necessary to warm up before a workout or cool down after exercise? Cooper Fitness Center's Heather Abrahamson explains.

  Nutrition Bites

Flavor Up with Herbs and Spices
Adding fun and flavor to food doesn’t have to include extra calories. Herbs and spices can add a healthy kick to your cooking.

  Vitamin Aisle

Get Your Energy Kick with B Vitamins
B vitamins play a crucial role in cellular metabolism and overall energy. Learn more about how to get the best B supplementation for your body.

  What's New at Cooper

Cooper Hotel Features New Artwork
The recently renovated Cooper Hotel now features stunning new pieces of artwork in the lobby and suites. Click here to see more photos, and book your stay at Cooper Hotel today!

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Weight Loss Checklist

Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services has developed an exclusive weight loss checklist to help you kickstart your wellness journey. Read blog.



Dynamic Warm-Up for Your Workout

Cooper Fitness Center Wellness and Sports Pro Manager Heather Abrahamson demonstrates the perfect dynamic warm-up to prep you for your workout.


Tomato Basil Spaghetti Squash
by Cooper Clinic's Cindy Kleckner, RDN, LD

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