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April 21, 2015
Get Cooperized About Cooper Locations Health Tips
  Prevention Plus

DEXA Scans Identify Bone Density and Body Composition
A DEXA scan, historically used for bone density scanning, is also an accurate way to measure body composition. Learn about this simple, yet advanced technology.

  Fitness Files

Yoga as a Stress Relieving Exercise
More than meditation, yoga is a physical activity that relieves stress. Focused breathing and proper posture is key when it comes to practicing yoga and leaving your worries behind.

  Nutrition Bites

Better-for-You Baking
We love classic comfort foods, but they tend to weigh us down—even when eaten in moderation. Healthy baking and recipe moderation can help you stay on track with your lifestyle goals.

  Vitamin Aisle

New and Improved Healthy Body Pack
Convenient supplementation can be hard to find, but we have taken the initiative to make it easy for you to meet your daily nutritional needs with Cooper Complete's new and improved Healthy Body Pack.

  What's New at Cooper

Celebrating Women's Fitness with Dr. Riva Rahl
Dr. Riva Rahl, Cooper Clinic Preventive Medicine Physician, was recently featured in a Dallas Morning News story about celebrating women's fitness.

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Spring Produce Standouts

Buying seasonally is optimal to receive the richest nutritional benefits and highest quality products. Read about spring's finest produce options



Stress-Free Yoga

Cooper Fitness Center Group Exercise Instructor Caryn Sacher Fonberg demonstrates stress-relieving yoga poses and breathing patterns.


Romanoff Sauce
by Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services

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