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August 6, 2013
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Prevention Plus

C-Reactive Protein Test: A Simple Way to Determine Inflammation
The topic of inflammation has become popular in health circles. Anti-inflammatory diets in particular are getting a lot of attention. How do you know if inflammation is present in your body?

Fitness Files

How to Run Smarter: Running and Marathon Training Tips
Do you want to avoid running injuries? Do you want to improve your fitness level and run farther, faster? Be a better runner with these Run Smarter Tips.

Nutrition Bites

Five Foods that Fight Cancer
What can you do to decrease your risk of developing cancer? Try adding these five foods to your recipes from time to time. They contain many beneficial properties, including cancer prevention.

Vitamin Aisle

Getting the Most Out of Your Vitamins
Those of us who take vitamins probably feel good about this extra step to better health. But could we be getting more from our vitamins? These simple steps can help you get maximum benefit.

What's New at Cooper

Cooper Spa Dallas 15-Day Giveaway
We’re celebrating 15 years at Cooper Spa by giving away a product a day through Aug. 15. Want to be a lucky winner? Enter today!

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What's Really in Your Juice?

Anytime I’m in the grocery store I love to check out the latest juices. They look so enticing with the juicy fruits and fresh vegetables on the labels, but I always check the nutritional values before buying a new drink.

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How to Prevent Running Injuries

Cooper Fitness Center Sports Performance Specialist and Running Pro Will Lawrence demonstrates two easy ways to prevent common running injuries.


Artichoke and Spinach Dip
by Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services