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March 19, 2013
Get Cooperized About Cooper Locations Health Tips
Prevention Plus

How Nutrition Affects Your Health
Your diet has a direct impact on your health. Learn how you to balance your nutrition plan.

Fitness Files

Strengthening with Isometric Training
Find out how to incorporate isometric training into your current workout routine.

Nutrition Bites

Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day
Celebrate National Nutrition Month and discover healthy eating strategies to fit your lifestyle.

Vitamin Aisle

Vitamins – Can You Trust The Label?
A recent study showed a discrepancy in the formulation of vitamin D. Do you know how your supplements are formulated?

What's New at Cooper

Meet Your Nutrition Goals
In the midst of trendy diets that “promise quick results,” it’s easy to overlook a crucial piece of the weight loss puzzle – truly understanding how to eat right for you and your lifestyle. Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services can help you improve your diet and nutritional knowledge and develop a personalized plan you can maintain. Visit or call 972.560.2655 for more information.

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Aerobic vs. Cardiovascular Exercise

Aerobic exercise or cardiovascular exercise – what’s the difference? You may not know the answer to the question, but it’s simple.

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Pillar Plank
Professional Fitness Trainer James Silvester demonstrates three modifications for the pillar plank.


Love Me Tenderloin Entrée Salad
by Kathy Duran-Thal, RD, Cooper Wellness