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January 22, 2012
Get Cooperized About Cooper Locations Health Tips
Prevention Plus

The Dangers of Hidden Fat
Not all fat is created equal. Understand the impact of visceral fat on your body and the health risks associated.

Fitness Files

Fitness for Weight Loss
Do you have trouble spots on your body that you'd like to disappear? Develop a fitness plan that can increase your lean mass and help you lose weight.

Nutrition Bites

The Importance of a Healthy Weight
Maintaining a healthy weight is an important element of your health. Read how a nutritious diet can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Stress Less

Stress-Free Dinners On the Go
Feel defeated by the task of feeding your family? Discover how you can have fun cooking healthy, stress-free meals.

Vitamin Aisle

The Basics of Calcium
How much calcium should you have every day? Find out why calcium is integral to your overall health and how much you need in your diet.

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Cooper Clinic's team of registered dietitians can help you reach your nutrition goals. Learn how to make healthy choices that will help you eat sensibly and enjoyably for a lifetime. Click here or call 972.560.2655 to book your appointment.


Single Leg Romanian Deadlift with a Row
Professional Fitness Trainer April Swales demonstrates an exercise move that helps you build lean muscle mass by incorporating your core.


French Market Frittata
by Cindy Kleckner, RD, LD, Cooper Clinic