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December 4, 2012
Get Cooperized About Cooper Locations Health Tips
Prevention Plus

Understanding Vein Therapy
Do you worry about your varicose and spider veins? Read about specialized techniques that can effectively treat painful or prominent veins.

Fitness Files

The Benefits of Interval Training
Discover how High Intensity Interval Training can maximize your total caloric expenditure and productivity in your workouts.

Nutrition Bites

Does the Order Really Matter?
Understand the theory behind sequential eating and how you can aid your digestion process.

Stress Less

Host a Stress-Free Holiday Party
Feeling overwhelmed by preparations for your holiday party? Find out how to host a successful event and reduce your stress.

Vitamin Aisle

The Link Between Brain Health and Supplementation
Learn more about recent studies that have linked brain health to nutrition and supplementation.

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Deadlift Clean and Press
Cooper Fitness Center Dallas Group Exercise Instructor Lucy Fowler at demonstrates a High Intensity Interval Training exercise to strengthen and power your body.


Citrus Shrimp Appetizer
by Kathy Duran-Thal, Cooper Wellness