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November 6, 2012
Get Cooperized About Cooper Locations Health Tips

In honor of American Diabetes Month, this issue covers the steps you can take to prevent and manage diabetes.

Prevention Plus

Dealing with Diabetes
Diabetes in America is a bigger problem than most people realize. Discover steps you can take to prevent the disease.

Fitness Files

Focus on a Healthier You
Learn how individualized fitness programs can empower and educate you to reach your health goals.

Nutrition Bites

Simple Steps to Stop Diabetes
Your nutrition plan has a direct impact on your waistline. Read how your diet and weight can impact diabetes prevention.

Stress Less

Diabetes and Stress Management
Stress affects diabetes and the management of the disease. Follow these recommendation to help you conquer your stress.

Vitamin Aisle

The Role of Supplements with Diabetes
Find out how proper nutritional supplementation can benefit those facing diabetes.

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Cooper Fitness Center offers a unique program that empowers women to lose weight, cope with disease, or prepare for or recover from pregnancy. For more information, call Female Focus Director Colette Cole, MS, at 972.233.1782 or click here.


Elbow Plank
The elbow plank is an effective exercise to strengthen your core. Colette Cole, MS, Female Focus Director at Cooper Fitness Center demonstrates how to master this core move.


Mixed Berry Compote
by Kathy Duran-Thal, Cooper Wellness