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September 4, 2012
Get Cooperized About Cooper Locations Health Tips
Prevention Plus

Connecting Nutrition and Health
Ready to start a lifelong journey of healthy eating? Learn how to Get Cooperized with a nutrition plan to achieve your goals.

Fitness Files

Exercising with Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are a versatile and effective way to tone your muscles. Try these three moves to kick start your new strength training routine.

Nutrition Bites

The Truth About Your Metabolism
What do you know about your metabolism? Find out what a simple test can tell you about your personal metabolic rate and daily caloric needs.

Stress Less

Relieving Muscle Tension
Muscle soreness is a common result of stress and working out. Follow these recommendations to relieve pain and loosen your muscles.

Vitamin Aisle

New Research on Supplementation
A new study shows the benefits of taking both a multivitamin and omega-3 supplement. Learn how this combination may have a positive impact on your overall health.

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Resistance Band Workout
Susie Kania, MS, Cooper Wellness Exercise Physiologist, demonstrates a resistance band move to help you strengthen your quadriceps.


Wholewheat Couscous Morning Mix

by Meridan Zerner, MS, RD, CSS, Cooper Clinic